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Partnering with Practice took Better Tomorrow Venture's founder support beyond capital

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Better Tomorrow Ventures invests in the future of fintech.

Founded in 2019, BTV is the premier early stage fintech-focused fund in Silicon Valley with $300 million AUM.  The team is led by experienced entrepreneurs, Sheel Mohnot and Jake Gibson, with extensive background in tech. Known for their candor and openness with their fintech portfolio, Sheel, Jake, and the entire BTV team are dedicated to growing the next wave of innovative companies.

"BTV is 'fintech founders backing fintech founders,' so we get why founders benefit most from former-founder coaches. We’ve been very impressed with Practice’s work, both with coaches for our portfolio founders and an absolutely amazing annual retreat."

Sheel Mohnot, Partner
Cartoonish drawing headshot of Sheel Mohnot.

As former founders, Jake and Sheel knew that founders need more support.

Since BTV's founding, fintech has been growing at an explosive pace. Founders were being challenged to grow their company, headcount, and most importantly - themselves - faster than ever. As the portfolio grew, so did the demands on BTV's expertise. The firm's money and connections were just the beginning of the support portfolio companies would need.

Practice helped them build a founder community and expand one-on-one support via coaching.

In 2021, Sheel reached out to Practice for support bringing their portfolio founders together on a retreat. Instead of simply planning a repeatable event that mirrored BTV's brand, Practice also invited former-founder coaches, creating a relaxed environment for connection, vulnerability, and true growth.

The event was such a success that Better Tomorrow was inspired to create an offer;
when their founders invested in one month of coaching, BTV would cover the next two months. The success of the program was so great that they repeated it in 2022.

After the offer had ended, 100% of founders continued to pay for coaching.
Lifetime retention continues to be over 90%.

VC or venture firm?

"There will always be challenges that a founder doesn't share with their investors. I think when VCs catch up to the power of coaching, checks won't be written unless a founder has a coach in their corner."

Satya Kamdar, Founder and CEO of Practice
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